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$SMME SmartMetric Says Its Biometric User Fingerprint Credit Card Technology Stands to Save Card Merchants Billions of Dollars


NEW YORK, May 04, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) has made substantial improvements in its biometric card that include a state of the art miniature solid state rechargeable battery. Also a sophisticated hardware solution that distinguishes a live fingerprint from a fake one.

The more advanced SmartMetric biometric credit card is being readied for submission to one of the world’s largest credit card networks for operating approval on its network.

The soon to be released new biometric fingerprint activated credit card is coming to market in the light of alarming figures showing that businesses are suffering monumental losses due to online and at check out fraud. What is so alarming is that the rate of growth in online fraud for merchants is in triple figures with loses for chargebacks alone has been estimated to reach $30 Billion in the United States.

Charge backs are where the credit card user amongst other things, denies making the card purchase or says they never received the goods. It is estimated that 86% of this $30 billion in "chargebacks" or to be more precise, transaction reversals, are based on fraudulent misrepresentations by the card user.

One area beleaguering online merchants and the credit card industry as a whole, is the area commonly referred to as "friendly fraud." Friendly fraud is far from friendly. It is a euphemism used in the credit card industry for what is essentially "customer fraud." In the day and age when people would need to walk into a physical business to make a purchase with a credit card, any resulting fraud was termed "friendly fraud" since the person committing the fraud and the merchant would have been in face to face contact with each other. Now that the world has moved to billions of dollars being transacted online there is no human interaction for today’s credit card fraudster. So, it is a misnomer to call online based fraud by customers "friendly fraud." The fraud in fact is out and out customer fraud. When 86% of reported fraud resulting in the transaction being reversed and money is returned to the fraudsters account, then this is most definitely not friendly fraud.

An additional cost to businesses and card companies online is the number of dollars lost in "card abandonment" at the online site checkout. In order to combat online fraud credit card, processors have now ramped up automatic fraud prevention tools that are in turn causing false rejections of credit cards being used by good paying customers with good money in their accounts.

It is estimated that 25% of what is called false positive transaction rejections result in the customer abandoning the transaction completely. Imagine owning a large department store and finding out that 1 in 4 of your customers turnaround and walk out without buying anything because their card is erroneously rejected by the card processor. A quick way to go bankrupt for any business. This doesn’t happen in physical retail stores anywhere near like it happens online, simply because the anti-fraud tools online are so more restrictive of transactions then what happens at a merchant’s terminal in the physical store.

"In a nut shell the explosion in online fraud and in addition the unimaginable loss of business from good paying customers abandoning online shopping carts because of false card rejections, is causing multi-billions of dollars a year being lost by merchants and credit card issuers in lost sales and outright fraud," said the President and CEO of SmartMetric, Chaya Hendrick.

Without going into too much detail, the SmartMetric biometric activated credit card allows online merchants to fight back against customers who say it wasn’t them who made the transaction (customer fraud) and at the same time validate the legitimacy of the card user thereby allowing for greater acceptance of transactions which will reduce substantially the losses from checkout cart abandonment that is plaguing the online world.

The SmartMetric biometric credit and debit card uses the cardholder’s fingerprint which is read by a nano fingerprint scanner inside the card, to turn on the card prior to insertion into the card reader or ATM. The cardholder’s biometrics are protected since their fingerprint is stored inside their card and never leaves the card at any time. Only the authorized holder of the SmartMetric biometric credit and debit card can use the card.

"Using the SmartMetric biometric credit card that only allows the legal card holder to use the card, protects card users, merchants, card processors and banks with state-of-the-art biometric technology built inside the card,said Chaya Hendrick.

Further information on the SmartMetric biometric credit card is available on the company website at

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