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Yuka Group Inc. Takes in Demand Skincare Devices by Storm With Internationally Syndicated TV Networks $YUKA


MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 28, 2022 /
 Yuka E-Commerce ("YUKA") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuka Group, Inc. ("the Company") which has just launched a new body sculpting device and is currently in research and development sourcing for new medical-grade skincare devices ready to hit the market.

Yuka has specialized specifically in EMS, Red & Blue Light Therapy, and Infrared Light Therapy. All of the products that have been televised through Yuka's network of outlets have been proven to help revive damaged skin with light therapy rejuvenation, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), and assist to boost collagen and elastin production through other means of cutting-edge technologies. One of the most recent successes features their most recent launch: Cyro-Freeze At Home Full Body Fat Freezing System which includes EMS and radio frequency technology, and promotes fat, cellulite and stretchmark reduction as well as post exercise recovery.

"Yuka has become experts in delivering professional beauty and skincare solutions with pro-level results at home and is taking the industry by storm with all current and previous products ready to hit the market or that have already been showcased. Yuka has recently received another P.O for televised networks syndicated in both Germany and the United Kingdom that will produce an estimated value of $200K+. We also anticipate that we will triple these projected quantities before end of year," said Meir Avitan.

The market for skincare devices is developing rapidly due to growing esthetic awareness. In the current scenario, people of all age groups are increasingly concerned about enhancing their esthetic appeal. Complete skin rejuvenation improves the esthetic appeal of a person. There has been a latent shift from using conventional products to technologically advanced equipment, which aids in better diagnosis and treatment of various skin diseases as well as improve one's esthetic appeal. We always look for the designed products to be top-notch and effective to give users confidence. What differentiates our devices from other products in the market is the ability to reach the deeper layers of the skin including stubborn fat cells - making these devices truly effective.

About Yuka E-Commerce
Yuka is an e-commerce company dedicated to providing strategic sales channels for brands looking to enter or expand in the global e-commerce market. YUKA provides a full spectrum of brand building and sales-and-marketing services to expand a client's brand reach. Services offered include not only comprehensive sales and marketing services, but also operational sales and fulfillment logistics, and product and brand photography.

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About Yuka Group, Inc.
Yuka is a company with a notable focus on nurturing companies that demonstrate a positive upside while striving to bring new technologies and unique products to their respective markets.

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