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$HIPH Announces the Creation of Laboratory Facility in Southern California Focusing on Nano-Technology to Support CBD and THC Efforts

The Company is setting up laboratory space that will have two high powered nano-machines to expedite production of CBD and THC infused beverages.
PLAYA VISTA, Calif., Feb. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Premium Water Corporation (HIPH) announces that it has established its own laboratory which will focus on the testing the Company’s proprietary hydro-nano technology. The laboratory will be setup in Southern California; the Company has signed an LOI to lease the space and has ordered two high powered scientific instruments which allows the Company to have faster turnaround time with a greater production capacity to more efficiently measure the size of nano-particles in its CBD and THC formulations.  

American Premium CEO Ryan Fishoff, commented, “I am excited to announce that the Company is setting up its own lab to further our commitment to technology, which I hope will further our reputation as a leader in hemp/CBD bio-lifesciences. Focusing on technology is one of our core strategic goals that I outlined at the beginning of the year, and setting up our own testing facility is major component of this emphasis. Technology is becoming part of our brand and part of our story. Eventually I hope to get the operation to the point that we can turn the lab from a cost center into a profit-center and solicit business for other companies in the cannabis space to provide testing solutions for them. In the coming weeks, after we get the lab setup, I look forward to providing some updates on how the Company intends to leverage the equipment to further develop the Company’s CBD and THC brands.”
The Company signed an LOI for the space in the San Bernardino Valley region. The Company has ordered a CoreAFM (Atomic Force Microscope) manufactured by the Switzerland based company Nanosurf. The CoreAFM is an industrial grade particle microscope that is used to measure the size of the nano particles and ensure consistent size in the formulation. The Company also ordered the Azura Analytical HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatology) manufactured by the German based Knauer. The purpose of this machine is to test CBD samples for metals and pesticides to ensure they are in regulatory compliance.
“These machines are some of the most powerful on the market. The Company is making a strong commitment to ensure it is a market leader in this space. We want to ensure we are positioned to be at the forefront of nanotechnology for CBD and THC. This investment will allow us to do so. It also further positions the Company to setup a robust licensing business; this technology will give the Company the capability to collaborate with brands in product categories outside the our core focus, increasing our ability to monetize our assets, driving top-line growth. Having this scientific capability also gives the Company and our brands the technical credibility to show consumers that the products are technologically superior and speak for themselves. I am looking forward to providing more details in the coming weeks how the Company intends to further incorporate this technology into our the Company’s investment story and the brands' own stories in their respective spaces.”       
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American Premium Water (HIPH) is a diversified luxury consumer products company focused on businesses in the health and beauty and biotech sectors. The company is focused on harnessing the powers of hydrogen and Nano technologies paired with cannabidiol (CBD) to treat health disorders and enhance quality of life. This business model aims to market emerging fashion brands by leveraging classic retail partners and incorporating disruptive blockchain technologies to expand the retail footprint. The company’s portfolio includes the LALPINA Hydro and LALPINA Hydro CBD brands (, LALPINA Productions, LALPINA Records, Gents (, Worthy, and blockchain platform FashionCoinX (  
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