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LiveWire Ergogenics Submits Application for Cannabis Nursery Cultivation in San Luis Obispo County, California

87570_ErgoLetterheadLogo.jpgAnaheim, CA, Sept. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (OTC: LVVV), is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, GHC Ventures, has successfully submitted materials to supplement its application for a Minor Use Permit to operate a commercial cannabis nursery facility in the County of San Luis Obispo, CA. LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. is a company focused on the acquisition and licensing of special purpose real estate properties and management of legal, fully-controlled and self-contained turnkey production facilities for cannabis-based products and services.
The nursery is centrally located between the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco in Paso Robles, CA. The central building on the facility is designed to be a highly-secured genetics vault and clone storage of carefully selected, “7X Pure” verified strains. The adjacent building will house “teens” and additional rooms for storage and supplies. The customization capabilities of the interior will allow us to house proprietary strains for local cultivators that we intend to team-up with enabling them to have access to a constant supply of inventory.
“Located in the heart of California’s Central Coast which covers Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, this nursery will allow us to service what has been called the new epicenter of cannabis cultivation in California”, said Bill Hodson, CEO of LiveWire Ergogenics. “The State has issued over 1,000 cultivation licenses in the Central Coast, and these growers will require a reliable and premium supply source for high-quality genetics and pesticide-free cannabis strains to satisfy their increasing production capacities. LiveWire will be well positioned to meet these requirements.”
LiveWire, via its subsidiary GHC Ventures, had its highly qualified expert teams for legal and environmental compliance preparing and submitting detailed plans and applications in a several months-long process for the approval of a Minor Use Permit. Our team had a pre-application meeting with the County of San Luis Obispo’s Planning Department in early April, 2018, followed by an 82-page application submitted in early May, and an on-site visit with County consultants and code enforcement that was held at the end of May. A comment letter was received from the County in early June, and the re-submittal package was submitted at the end of August, 2018.
Once the Minor Use Permit application has been approved and build-out is completed, GHC Ventures will operate the facility, marketing its own brand of genetics as well as producing the most sought-after strains demanded by cultivators. The cannabis cultivation nursery will be operated in compliance with all applicable local ordinances and state laws and regulations regarding the Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. GHC Ventures will be required and expects to obtain all required licenses prior to commencing operations.
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About LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc.
LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc. (LVVV) specializes in identifying and monetizing current and future trends in the health and wellness industry. The Company is focused on the acquisition and licensing of special purpose real estate properties and management of legal, fully-controlled and self-contained turnkey production facilities for cannabis-based products and services. The company is also establishing research partnerships to explore the application of cannabinoid-based products to target specific ailments or conditions with large “sufferer” populations for human and veterinarian applications. This includes the cloning of cannabis strains to produce positive medicinal results, dosing verification of zero pesticide products for quality brands via its “7X Pure” Cannabis Dosing and Verification System, and development and licensing of high-quality cannabinoid-based products and services. The team at LiveWire Ergogenics is committed to generating and implementing innovative ideas and producing high-quality products that satisfy an increasing demand in this fast-growing industry.
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