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Lamperd Less Lethal Issues Update on International Marketing Agreement with Gokser Makine Sanayi and Other New Clients

Follow-Up Orders Being Received and Training Programs Being Expanded; Canadian Government Recognizes Lamperd for Achievements and Experience   

SARNIA, Ontario, Aug. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. (OTC PINK: LLLI), an innovation leader and manufacturer of advanced security solutions for law enforcement, military and other users worldwide, today issues the following letter to shareholders from CEO Barry Lamperd. 
Dear LLLI Shareholders:
Our company management has been extremely busy in 2018 and has made very important progress on multiple fronts. We recently returned from the SEDEC Security Expo in Ankara, Turkey where we signed a wide-ranging international marketing agreement with Gokser Makine Sanayi or Gokser Machine Energy, a major aerospace and defense company serving the Republic of Turkey and many other countries. Gokser's CEO, Ms. Hilal Unal Turkan, extended every consideration to the Lamperd team during our visit to further our new joint marketing relationship. Notably, our international sales representative, Amer Ebied, was invited to remain in Turkey for 10 days after the closing of SEDEC to help work on the Gokser marketing campaign and plans for the licensed manufacture of Lamperd products at Gokser's facilities in Turkey. I would like to also point out that because of Lamperd's well-recognized expertise and long standing experience in the field of less lethal technologies, we were the only company invited to speak on this important topic at the SEDEC keynote forum. As a result of our very successful presentations, meetings and new joint marketing agreement with Gokser, we are now in the best position we have ever been to fulfill the less lethal product and training needs of government and private customers throughout Europe and Asia. 
On the home front, Lamperd has had other positive developments recently. The company has been receiving repeat product orders from new customers including Kodiak Wildlife Products and several new police services clients in Canada. We have also expanded our sales network with new distributors in Canada and the United States. These new distributors include CDN Gunworx ( and Security PRO USA (  Furthermore, our U.S. Distributor American Reserve Munitions ( has been granted approval from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for the shipment of important Lamperd products into the U.S. for required testing and certification to permit sales to U.S. customers. This is a very significant development in ARM's ability to market and deliver these products to U.S. buyers. 
Additionally, our VP of Training, Dr. Ed Bogats, Jr., PhD, is conducting a heavy schedule of courses in the Pittsburgh, PA area over the July-August time frame. This training is for law enforcement officers only and is focused on Crowd/Riot Control and Public Order using Lamperd's 12 Gauge and 37MM weapon systems, Interlocking Riot Shields, OC Aerial Bursts, OC Pepper Blast Units and 12 Gauge Distraction Rounds. Agency Instructors are being trained in crowd management when responding to protests and civil disorder. We are pleased to report that all of Dr. Bogats' courses have been filled to capacity with over 50 officers participating in the current program. 
I would also like to mention that on July 17th I was invited to attend and speak at an important roundtable event on trade and tariffs hosted by Canadian Member of Parliament Marilyn Gladu. At this event we discussed key issues regarding the import and export of Canadian goods to the United States and other countries. MP Gladu has previously expressed her great appreciation to Lamperd Less Lethal for our long-standing work in providing safe and effective security solutions to assist peacekeepers on every level in Canada and abroad. Her letter of endorsement may be viewed on our company website at  
In closing, let me say that our entire team at Lamperd Less Lethal is committed to fully developing all of the many avenues for the worldwide marketing of our product line and providing all the necessary training to ensure its safe and effective use in every type of situation. We are still very concerned about the threat of active shooters in schools and other public places and intend to do everything in our power to provide real solutions where they are needed to counter this very serious threat. We will work wholeheartedly with all of our marketing partners to ensure that Lamperd Less Lethal products are deployed to police, military and other users to maintain public order and prevent the needless loss of lives.