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Innovest Global: Winslow Asset Management Remains Long Shares of IVST During Second Quarter 2018 -- Spotlight Growth

Sacramento, CA, Aug. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spotlight Growth has published new content on Innovest Global, Inc. (OTC PINK: IVST). Innovest Global, Inc. is a diversified holding company that focuses on acquiring niche, high-growth businesses that are capable of generating significant annual revenue. The company’s planned subsidiaries operate across telehealth, biotech, commercial energy, business-to-business distribution, national call center and auto sales.

The report provides an overview of Innovest Global, Inc., its subsidiaries, financials, biotech industry analysis, U.S./global cancer rates and more.

American Cancer Society: Estimated 21.7 Million New Cancer Cases By 2030

Cancer continues to be a major global healthcare issue, as millions of people die each year from the illness. Most of us are familiar with the pain and suffering that cancer can cause, which shows that there is a desperate need for a modern treatment plan. For too long the primary treatment for cancer has continued to be chemotherapy, which itself can be extremely painful and cause other complications.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), cancer is the second leading cause of death within the United States, behind heart disease. In the latest data available, the CDC notes that 595,930 Americans died from cancer in 2015.

Unfortunately, many health and science experts do not see an end in sight for cancer. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), there will be an estimated 1.74 million new cases of cancer that are diagnosed in the United States alone this year.

The global trends are far more pessimistic. In 2012, the ACS reported that there were 14.1 million new cases in cancer resulting in 8.2 million deaths globally. By 2030, the ACS estimates that there will be around 21.7 million new cases of cancer resulting in 13 million deaths worldwide. However, the group does admit that “the future burden will probably be even larger because of the adoption of western lifestyles, such as smoking, poor diet, physical inactivity, and few childbirths, in economically developing countries,” according to the report.

According to Grand View Research, the global biotechnology market is forecast to reach $727.1 billion USD by 2025, which represents an annual growth rate of 7.40%.

IVST: Completion of 20% Stake In StemVax, Brain Cancer Vaccine Technology Awarded U.S. Patent

Innovest Global has continued to impress through the halfway point of 2018. The Cleveland, Ohio-based conglomerate has managed to close and integrate five acquisitions into its two operational divisions: Biotechnology & Health Sciences and Commercial & Industrial. The management team continues to fire on all cylinders, as Innovest Global reported three straight months of record profits through June 2018.

The latest completed acquisition by Innovest Global was the 20% stake in StemVax Therapeutics, a translational biotechnology company. StemVax is currently in the process of developing a cancer vaccine therapy to treat again brain tumors, specifically Glioblastomas (the same form of brain cancer as Arizona Senator John McCain).

StemVax Therapeutics’ flagship technology, the StemVax Glioblast (SVX-GB), is described as “a cancer vaccine, which is a medication that stimulates or restores the immune system’s ability to fight an existing cancer by strengthening the body’s natural defenses against the cancer cells. It is a meaningful technology, which could significantly improve the quality of life and prognosis for the many people who suffer from brain tumors,” according to the company’s release.

Shortly after Innovest Global announced the completion of stake acquisition in StemVax Therapeutics, the biotechnology company announced that its cancer vaccine technology has been awarded a U.S. Patent. Specifically, the patent relates to “cancer antigens” and the “treatment of cancer using vaccination therapy.”

“Patent approval is the trigger for us to engage major health organizations, to continue the progress toward the ‘StemVax Glioblast’ brain tumor vaccine going to market and improving people’s lives. After decades of research, it took nine years in the patent process, and is a transformational achievement,” said Dr. Dwain Morris-Irvin, President of Innovest’s Biotech Division. The patent application was initially filed back in 2008 by a hospital research organization, and was co-authored by Dr. Morris-Irvin, who is also the StemVax Chief Science Officer, according to an Innovest Global corporate release.

On August 6, 2018, Innovest Global made a major announcement that it has signed an agreement with the highly-respected Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. In the agreement, Innovest has been awarded an exclusive worldwide license “for all of the intellectual property needed to commercialize the StemVax Glioblast brain tumor vaccine,” according to the press release. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is a non-profit hospital that is widely considered to be one of the top hospitals and research organizations in the entire world.

IVST: First Half Accomplishments

Outside of the successful acquisitions, Innovest Global reported second quarter sales growth of 55.80% compared to the first quarter 2018 ($1.1 million in Q2 versus $708,804 in Q1). Furthermore, Innovest Global reported current assets of $877,861 and cash holdings of $561,062. Management notes that there continues to be no convertible debt, warrants or options outstanding, as of end of second quarter 2018.

During the first quarter, Innovest Global received its first institutional shareholder in Winslow Asset Management. The Ohio-based asset manager purchased 10,000 shares during the first three months of 2018, according to a 13F filing. After an updated filing for the second quarter, it is confirmed that Winslow Asset Management continues to be long shares of Innovest Global. Winslow stayed put during the second quarter, not adding or selling their current position.

While there were certainly some enticing entry points that Winslow Asset Management could have used to engage in dollar-cost averaging during the second quarter, it is certainly a vote of confidence that the fund is remaining a bullish stance on Innovest.

Here is a complete list from a recent Innovest Global press release, which thoroughly highlighting the impressive achievements through the first half of 2018:

Sales are up 55.8%. ($1,104,367 in Q2 compared to $708,804 in Q1). June Sales were highest ever, at 16.8% higher than May, the previous record.
End Q2 current assets of $877,861 include cash on hand of $561,062.
Our capital structure includes an unchanged free-trading float of 11,796,710 common shares. There are no convertible debts, no warrants or options outstanding.
Our headcount is 44 employees, up from 26 at the start of the quarter.
Our stock price is up 725% as of this past Friday, since our January 2, 2018 close. Since Thursday of last week IVST saw more than double average trading volume, following the StemVax announcement.
We received notice that Winslow Asset Management registered as a shareholder, marking our first institutional shareholder position.
We closed several key contracts with organizations ranging from local governments, to the United States Navy, University Hospitals, Cleveland Indians, University of Louisiana, Iowa Department of Transportation, Houston Metro, Tarkette and a $650K exclusive contact from Byram Healthcare, a division of a Fortune 500 Company.
We’ve got a world-class team including two independent members of our Board of Directors, and our key corporate leadership is highlighted on our new corporate website.
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