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$LLLI Lamperd Less Lethal's Pepper Blast is an Effective Solution to Active Shooter Situations

Lamperd Less Lethal's Pepper Blast is an Effective Solution to Active Shooter Situations Without the Use of Deadly Force

Lamperd Less Lethal's Pepper Blast is an Effective Solution to Active Shooter Situations Without the Use of Deadly Force Safe But Powerful Pepper Effect Can Incapacitate a Shooter with Severe Respiratory and Visual Distress, Does Not Require Any Careful Aiming
Sarnia, Ontario (FSCwire) - Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. (OTC PINK: LLLI), an innovation leader and manufacturer of advanced security solutions for law enforcement, military and other users worldwide, has available an effective product to counter an active shooter in schools or other situations as we have tragically seen in the news recently. This product is called Pepper Blast and it has the ability to instantly incapacitate an active shooter with severe respiratory distress and impairment of vision for up to 10 minutes without the risks of using deadly force. The effects of Pepper Blast have multiple benefits. Pepper Blast dramatically reduces or prevents any accurate targeting by the shooter, gives students time to get away, and can also give school officials the opportunity to subdue the shooter.
Lamperd Less Lethal's Pepper Blast, unlike pepper spray devices, does not need to be carefully aimed but only thrown in the vicinity of the shooter. Once Pepper Blast discharges, the shooter is instantly enveloped in a cloud of powerful but harmless pepper mist that will result in the shooter's serious respiratory and visual impairment. Since Pepper Blast is not a deadly force measure, it can be safely carried by trained teachers and other school officials. Pepper Blast does not release any harmful fragments upon discharge since the casing which ruptures is made only of soft plastic. The device can also be used as an area denial tactic to keep a shooter away from specific locations.  
Lamperd Less Lethal has had the Pepper Blast device in the company's product line for some time but current events involving active shooters taking innocent lives make it imperative that we make an additional effort to draw attention to this simple, safe and effective counter-measure. Detailed specifications, photos and a demonstration video of Pepper Blast can be seen on the Lamperd Less Lethal website at  We ask that serious consideration be given to employing the Lamperd Pepper Blast solution which can save innocent lives in the future. Please contact us via for further information on this product as well as training for appropriate use. We will help in every way that we can.

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Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. (LLLI) is a developer, manufacturer and international sales company for advanced less lethal weapons, ammunition and other security products marketed to police, correctional, military and private security forces. The company sells over 300 different products including small & large caliber projectile guns, flash grenades, pepper spray grenades, 37mm & 40mm launching systems and interlocking riot shields. Lamperd also offers advisory services and hands-on training classes run by highly accredited instructors.

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