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SEATTLE, WA, March 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 
CFN Media Group ("CannabisFN"), the leading creative agency and media network dedicated to legal cannabis, announces publication of an article discussing Helix TCS Inc.'s (OTCQB: HLIX) recently announced expansion into California’s cannabis market, which represents a unique opportunity for the company and its shareholders. While the company initially provides security, transportation, and compliance services, management aims to leverage its growing suite of software solutions to provide a wider scope of value added services.
The cannabis industry is projected to exceed $50 billion in annual revenue over the coming years, according to Cowen & Co., driven by the legalization of adult-use cannabis across many states. In particular, the legalization of adult-use cannabis in California has created the single largest market in the world for the drug.
Expanding into California
Helix TCS recently announced that it has begun moving into the California market to support both current and new clients. These services include its security, transportation, and compliance services targeting cultivators, dispensaries, and other companies in the legal cannabis sector. The move represents its first major foray out of Colorado, where it initially began operations after the state legalized adult-use cannabis several years ago.  Helix TCS has stated that it plans to move into several new markets in the coming months.
“Helix TCS continues to execute tightly on its strategic plan, and we intend to grow in the California market with the same speed and success that we’ve had in the Colorado market,” said CEO Zachary L. Venegas in a press release announcing the company’s entry into the California market. “We continue to hone our service offerings and service delivery to help our customers operate as safely, efficiently, and profitably as possible.”
Many analysts believe that California’s market could be worth upwards of $5 billion in annual revenue. With the state implementing its new regulations, under the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act, it’s an ideal time for ancillary service providers like Helix TCS to step in and build up their presence. Many cultivators and dispensaries require both compliance consulting and transportation and security services to meet regulatory demands.
A Data Driven Approach
Helix TCS is a premier provider of integrated operating environment solutions for the legal cannabis industry, including transportation, armed and unarmed guarding, training, investigation, and special services. By providing these ancillary services, the company generates a consistent stream of revenue while building up a large client base who require multiple services.
The company’s flagship software platform is Cannabase, the oldest and largest wholesale platform in the cannabis industry. Management anticipates that Cannabase will become a critical component of its technology initiatives, enhancing its data, security, and compliance offerings with its industry-leading online platform for cannabis businesses, advertisers, and consumers as its full feature set is revealed to the market. The data generated by the platform could also become a key competitive barrier to entry.
In addition to Cannabase, the company has been consolidating its ownership stake in BioTrackTHC, an industry leading seed-to-sale platform. After acquiring, all of BioTrackTHC’s preferred stock, the company controls a nearly 20 percent stake in the firm in conjunction with its partner Rose Capital. BioTrackTHC’s solutions are already used in state governments, including Delaware, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, and Hawaii, as well as a large share of commercial license holders.
Looking Ahead
Helix TCS Inc. (OTCQB: HLIX) represents a compelling investment opportunity in the burgeoning cannabis sector. Rather than cultivating or selling cannabis, the company has focused on providing ancillary services, like security, transportation and compliance. Management has leveraged the clients from these services to build up its technology platform, setting the stage for its next strategic phase.
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