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$NXS.V Nexus Gold Provides Sampling Details from Three Newly Discovered Artisinal Zones

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / February 28, 2018 / Nexus Gold Corp. ("Nexus" or the "Company") (TSX-V: NXS, OTC PINK: NXXGF, FSE: N6E) is pleased to provide select sampling results from its ongoing field exploration programs currently being conducted on its Niangouela and Bouboulou exploration permits, located in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
On the Bouboulou permit, rock samples were collected from a new orpillage located some 600 meters south-west of the Rawema showing which has returned drill intersections of 2.21 grams per tonne ("g/t") gold ("Au") over 35 metres, including 5.46 g/t Au over 12 metres, and 4.62 g/t Au over 6 metres, including 81.32 g/t Au over .3 metres. This new orpillage occurs along strike of the Pelatanga-Rawema Trend outlined by the company.
Company geologists have sampled material recovered from new workings at a depth of 10 meters from the surface which has returned results averaging 1.73 g/t Au, with the highest sample returning assay values of 5.56 g/t Au. The samples from the new orpaillage are tabled below:
Sample #Utm EUtm NDescriptionAu g/t
BBL-0215859401423775Qtz bearing rock from orpaillage pit;10m depth2.40
BBL-0225859161423755Qtz bearing rock from orpaillage pit;10m depth1.75
BBL-0235859021423737Qtz bearing rock from orpaillage pit;10m depth0.873
BBL-0245858671423730Qtz bearing rock from orpaillage pit;10m depth2.06
BBL-0255858691423727Qtz bearing rock from orpaillage pit;10m depth1.07
BBL-0265858581423719Qtz bearing rock from orpaillage pit;10m depth0.668
BBL-0275858441423736Qtz bearing rock from orpaillage pit;10m depth5.56
BBL-0285858351423734Qtz bearing rock from orpaillage pit;10m depth1.68
BBL-0295858871423718Qtz bearing rock from orpaillage pit;10m depth0.368
BBL-0305858871423718Qtz bearing rock from orpaillage pit;10m depth0.965
Table 1: select samples Bouboulou

Location of the known mineralized zones at the Bouboulou project
The company is also pleased to include assay results from two new orpaillages located on the Niangouela permit. One orpaillage is located south-east of the company's main shear discovery while the second showing is located 1900 meters West of the company's main shear showing. Results from a sampling of the two areas have returned results ranging from 0.368 g/t Au to 6.27 g/t Au. Results from the Niangouela sampling program is tabled below:
Sample #Utm EUtm NDescriptionAu g/t
NGL-506326561446961Qtz from orpaillage pit0.266
NGL-516326551446968Qtz from orpaillage pit0.038
NGL-526326551446968select material from the orpaillage6.27
NGL-536290521447457Qtz+Py from orpaillage pit0.083
NGL-546290621447454Qtz from orpaillage pit, 15m depth0.311
NGL-556290671447462Qtz from orpaillage pit, 15m depth3.93
NGL-566290801447465Qtz from orpaillage pit, 15m depth< 0.005
NGL-576290661447423Qtz from orpaillage pit, 25m depth0.524
NGL-586290611447418Qtz from orpaillage pit, 25m depth0.173
NGL-596288321447673Qtz sub croup, N50, milky white, hematized< 0.005
NGL-606288461447683Qtz sub croup, N50, milky white, oxidized4.90
Table 2: Select samples Niangouela 
"The new zones we've uncovered and now sampled define greater areas of mineralization at both concessions," said Chairman and COO, Alex Klenman. "The Bouboulou trends continue to return gold values along broad trends. Combined with the RC results we obtained from the adjacent Rakounga permit in November 2017, it is suggestive of significant gold mineralization at a district scale. The Sabce Shear, which bisects Bouboulou, is a well known, yet underexplored belt that hosts some of the largest gold deposits in the country, both to the south and to the east of our location. Our 2017 work confirmed and delineated five distinct zones that combined produce a very compelling overall target worthy of much more exploration. The new zone at Niangouela also advances our understanding of that project and suggests that other zones of gold mineralization are present. We are looking forward to ramping up our 2018 programs and moving our projects forward," continued Mr. Klenman.
Exploration Update
The Company is currently compiling all historical data and integrating it with all new data generated over the past 14 months at its 288-sq km Bouboulou-Rakounga concessions. The data is being used to generate a comprehensive 3D animation model of the Bouboulou-Rakounga mineralized zones that will aid the Company in targeting upcoming drill locations.



Nexus Gold Corp. is a Vancouver-based mineral exploration company focused on gold development projects in some of the world's premier exploration and mining districts. The company is currently developing multiple projects in Burkina Faso, West Africa.
The 178-sq km Niangouela gold concession is located on the Boromo greenstone belt, and is proximal to the Kalsaka deposit and the Sabce shear. The company has delineated a 1km quartz vein and shear strike with samples taken at depth (46-60m) returning high-grade gold assays up to 2,950 g/t. Eight of the first nine diamond drill holes on the property returned positive gold results, highlighted by a 4.85m intercept of 26.69 g/t (including one metre of 132 g/t).
The 38.8-sq km Bouboulou gold concession features numerous near-surface gold occurrences of both length and grade, as highlighted by historical drill results (40m of 1.54 g/t, including 20m of 2.25 g/t; 35m of 2.2 g/t, including 12m of 5.45 g/t; 10m of 2.84 g/t, including 2m of 12.45 g/t; 4m of 12.53 g/t). The property contains three distinct gold trends, each extending 5000 metres (5km) in length. The property was previously explored by Riverstone Resources and Roxgold Inc.
The 250-sq km Rakounga gold concession is contiguous to the Company's Bouboulou property, bordering Bouboulou on the west and south sides.  Rakounga hosts the Bouboulou 1 gold showing, which is the southern extension of the Bouboulou 2 trend. Bouboulou 1 is an active orpaillage with shaft workings that extend down approximately 80 metres.   The Bouboulou 2 and Pelatanga-Rawema gold trends extend southwest from the Bouboulou property on to Rakounga. There is significant artisanal mining activity along trend, indicating gold mineralization extends for some distance.  Further exploration activities will determine the extent of these mineralized zones. 
Nexus Gold trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol NXS, in the USA under NXXGF and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, under the symbol F6E.