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$RGUS RadMax Technologies Executive Leadership Team Expansion

Executive Leadership Team Addition

January 162018 "RGUS" the Company"

The Board of Directors, Regi U.S., Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, RadMax Technologies, Inc., are pleased to announce that Michael Urso has accepted the interim position of Chief Operating Officer (COO), Regi U.S., Inc., and will be transitioning into the role and title of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) later this year.
Mike is a Senior Executive with over 25 years of experience in the areas of Innovation, Business Development, Marketing, Operations Management, and Sales with companies ranging from startups to large global corporations.

A skilled leader with an impressive track record of transforming companies with commodity based, or incremental innovation strategies into innovation leaders, Mike has extensive experience mentoring startup companies in successfully moving many from concept to commercialization. Open, the nation's largest clean technology startup accelerator program, whose charter is to find, fund, and foster entrepreneurs with ideas to solve our greatest environmental and energy challenges.for CleantechIn 2008 Mike was named "Mentor of the Year" in the Pacific Northwest region [L1]
Prior to taking this position, Urso served as the Vice President of Product Innovation for Saint-Gobain's North American Gypsum business. While in this position he moved Saint Gobain from a position of innovation follower to being the innovation leader in the North American gypsum industry.
During his extensive career Mike has also held leadership positions as Senior Principal Consultant, Sirti, a Washington State funded, high tech business incubator with a successful track record of launching new companies or guiding successful exits; Vice President of Marketing, Potlatch Corporation, Wood Products and Resource Management Divisions; Global New Business Development Manager and Global Composite Materials Project Manager, Dow Chemical Company, Emulsion Polymers Division; Operations Manager, Dow Chemical, Chemical and Metals Divisions; North American Marketing Manager, Dow Chemical, Emulsion Polymers Division; and Canadian Marketing Manager, Dow Chemical, Emulsion Polymers Division.
Current CEO and Board Chairman, Paul W. Chute, two years ago volunteered to rescue the RadMax technology and rebuild the company with a new, solid corporate foundation from which the technology could be further developed and advanced. The resulting successes were due to the building of a strong team of experienced business executives, dynamic, diverse and internationally recognized engineering teams and highly skilled and accomplish support members.
With the recent announcement of successfully testing the RadMax proof-of-concept gas expander, Mr. Chute has accomplished his initial and primary goal of rebuilding a series of failed companies into one dynamic corporate entity with the single focus of further developing and proving the RadMax technology.
Upon accomplishing this initial goal, Mr. Chute's secondary objective was to replace himself with a highly experienced corporate executive, proficient in taking successful startups and leading their teams to commercializing. The addition of Michael Urso to the leadership team has now also completed that objective.
Mr. Chute is transferring his role as CEO to Michael Urso on April 30th, 2018, at Regi U.S., Inc.'s Annual General Meeting in Spokane, WA.
Mr. Chute will retain his position on the Board of Directors and continue on part time status as Corporate Advisor. He also intends to work on projects that support the health and growth of Regi U.S., Inc. and RadMax Technologies, and continue to support Mr. Urso during his transition.
We encourage all investors and interested parties to follow our Company's progress routinely posted on our website
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Business Description
RadMax Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of REGI US, Inc., is a research and development company in the business of designing, developing and proving axial vane-type rotary power devices for civilian, commercial and government applications. We are focused on creating new, disruptive technologies that are more efficient, compact and cost-effective than those currently available. From our headquarters in Spokane, WA, we are working with engineering consultants around North America to develop these devices. Our goal is to license RadMax technology and/or participate in joint ventures to manufacture RadMax products for specific applications. Examples of market segments that could benefit from our technology include (but are not limited to) transportation, aerospace, air conditioning and refrigeration, oil and gas production and distribution, power generation, marine, and military markets. We invite interested parties to find out more about RadMax Technologies and how you can become a part of this exciting program. Contact Us. REGI US, Inc. is a publically traded company via the OTC: QB (Symbol: RGUS) and owns all intellectual property and global marketing rights to RadMax technologies. Regi U.S., Inc. is an Oregon Registered Business and licensed to operate in the state of Washington. All regulatory filings are under Regi U.S., Inc.
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